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Summary about DAHA in English

DAHA is an agency engaged in lifelong learning since early 1990s. It has been involved in numerous European as well as national projects focused on quality appraisal and information in further education and consultancy. It was also issuing the specialized magazine Andragogika. Currently, DAHA performs methodical and consultancy activities for ad hoc projects.

The person behind the DAHA brand is Dagmar Hartmannová, who graduated from the Czech Language & Literature and from Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, and completed many courses, workshops and seminars both abroad and at home. She puts her education and her experience in teaching for life (and not only for school) to good use in her pedagogical activities: she prepares students for entrance exams and for graduation exams in the Czech language, teaches Czech for foreigners and French. She also pursues editorial work and creates promotional texts.

As for creative projects (especially in the field of leisure artistic activities), Dagmar Hartmannová performs those under the brand Citrin – Sdružení pro osobní rozvoj (Citrin – Personal Development Association) (www.citrininfo.cz).


Dagmar Hartmannová
U Družstva Ideál 3
140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic

E-mail: dagmar@daha.cz
Phone: +420 602404603